Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Nail Art

Having your nails in bold or striking colors will no longer do it for your nails. Nail art has recently been trending these days. There have been a lot of salons that have been specializing on providing us with awesome nail art to give your nails some life and fun:) I personally am a nail art freak. People who know me know I love to change my polish every single day and I like to doodle on my nails as well to give some character to it. One of the popular ones I recently sported was tattoo nail art which I had done in beauty bar, metallic animal nails, tuxedo nails inspired by Z.D. and my favorite my minion nails:D 
There are actual magazines and blogs who actually feature daily nail art ideas one of which is  Nailsmag -which I love browsing every now and then to get some fun and fresh ideas. 
Because of my nail art obsession and the nail art epidemic going on here in our country I thought I'd gather some fun nail art photo ideas to give you some, well, ideas, for your upcoming nail art venture:D lol. With that here are some of the interesting nail art designs I found. Enjoy!:D


A quick tutorial video, which I found on youtube, on how to make these awesome newspaper nails:D

The Caviar Maniis basically embellishing your nails with tiny beads to create a three-dimensional caviar effect.

How to do this: After polishing, just sprinkle the beads over your wet nails and let them dry.  Your best bet would be putting on top coat to ensure it stays on

For more info on this type of nail art click here


 Get your prints and inspiration from runway collections based on the prints/ colors/ textures/ shapes

For people who are worried of ruining your nails with polish I suggest you tape it up:) I actually like this idea and concept a lot:) For more info on this type of nail art click here.


Another fun way of spicing up your nails is animating it with cute designs of animals, cartoon character and fun colors and doodles:) Here are some cute and interesting animated nail art I found. 


Adding lace, gems and beads add's that extra three dimensional feel and not to mention adds more character to your nails:) personally don't like having too much weight on my nails but i recently tried adding gems and it was kinda fun- it's worth trying at least once. usually these types of nail art last a week max. for me it lasted 3 days due to my constant pinning and sewing.


Add labels and logo to your nails to give yourself a sense of branding:D 

Source: for more info and nailart ideas check out these following pages (also the source of where I got some of these photos from) 


  1. The picture of the stripped nails is mine! way to steal it off fb who ever this is...

    1. Hi Gabrielle Vince. This blog post I did on nail art is a feature on things I found on google which I either found interesting or relevant to my blog post which I repost to share around. I hold no claim that the photos are mine which is why I usually put links of where I found the photo to credit the site or person who post them. If I accidentally missed out to credit your photo my deepest apologies. Please kindly leave me a link of your site so I can properly credit you and pls attach the photo that needs crediting. Thank you and again my sincerest apologies.

  2. Going to try some of these.